Wednesday, 25 February 2009


  1. In need of some rest or sleep.
  2. Fed up, annoyed, irritated, sick of.

    I'm tired of this
  3. Overused, cliché.
    a tired song
I am just so "all of the above", it's not funny!

We are in the process of buying/finding a new car, and that's so tiring!  We have a budget and a type of car in mind.  I want a hatchback car, that's economical and fairly good looking.  We currently have a Mitsubishi Chariot, but with 7 seats it's big, cumbersome, and un-economical.  So we had a look around some car yards this afternoon and I remembered what I HATE about buying cars.  The car dealers, the sheer cost difference between yards, all the decisions and feeling rushed at every point.  I think that we are wiser this time around, but it's still hard for me not to want to buy the first thing I see that I like.  I get so sick of the crap!

And, we are also trying to organise some respite care for Aimee.  It has taken since May last year to get to the interview stage with the social worker yesterday.  Then I had to fill out screeds of forms that just took the stuffing out of me.  Having to remember and put into words what her behaviour is like on a daily basis was very difficult.  It will be good to be able to have a break from her, especially so that we can focus a little more on her sisters for a couple of nights a month.  We all need it! 

She is a wonderful kid, who comes up with amazing thoughts and "wisdom", but her constant behavioural needs are getting us all down.  She said the other day, out of the blue, as usual, that the car indicator's were speaking to her.  When I asked what they were saying she said, they say - food dis-order, food dis-order, food dis-order...  Listen to them next time you're in the car and you may just find yourself agreeing with her... ;)

Then there's my almost 9 year old's birthday sleepover I have to prepare for on Saturday night.  Four little girls giggling into the night...  the things we do for our kids!  I am hoping to do a little craft maybe make some softies and have mini makeovers think pink fingernails and lips.  It should be fun, especially if I can farm my other two girls out...

Hope you are all faring better than I. 


PaisleyJade said...

Well you do sound like you need a much needed break. My week has been a bit of the same! We have a Mit Chariot too... but 6 seats.

Jodz said...

Oh you poor thing. Good news about respite though. Hope it all starts up soon for you.

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