Friday, 5 December 2008

tutorial | Dodecahedron Christmas Ornament

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about some really neat ornaments I had been making, see below pic...Well, I've finally gotten around to taking some photo's so that you too can make one (or two...) for your tree! Excuse the quality of some of the photographs, I think I need to get some lessons from Mr. Sew-Funky over the Christmas break!

I discovered that this particular shape is actually called a dodecahedron (a bit of a mouthful to say - but good all the same!).

What you need...
Scraps of fabric
12 pentagon templates (you can get some here, just cut them out of plain paper)
thread (2 different colours - one to match the fabric, one obviously different to the fabric)
soft toy stuffing

1. Cut out 12 templates.

2. Pin the templates to the wrong side of your chosen fabric.

3. Cut around the template leaving a 1cm seam allowance all the way around.

4. Begin tacking the fabric to the template using the different coloured thread, folding the seam allowance over the template. Do this to all 12 pentagon shapes.

5. Sew the pentagon shapes together, around two of the pentagons making two flowers.
Use the matching thread.

6. Sew the two flowers together.

7. Sew up all the seams, except one.

8. Remove the templates, by undoing the tacking.
9. Turn the fabric the right way around.

10. Fill with stuffing.

11. Cut some ribbon (I think I used around 5cm). Sew up the last remaining seam, sewing in the ribbon inside the seam at the end.
12. Tah Dah!!!
Let me know if you make one... :D


Patti said...

thanks for the tutorial and the link for the templates. I think I am going to try one with the templates in to give it more of a structured shape.

Dona said...


I wasn't sure where else to post this 'simpleton' 911 question but...I'm on my last row (#26) on the 6th wedge of the starfish dish cloth patttern and I'm bewildered on if after I've bound off my 12 stitches do I continue binding off the next 15 since it is my very last row or am I missing something??? Thanks for your help and also for your generosity in sharing of all of your wonderful talent! ~Dona

sewfunky said...

Hi Dona

If you're on the very last row, then yes you do bind off, and then sew up the seam to join. :)

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