Wednesday, 18 February 2009

attack of the chickens...

In light of what happened, when I let the chickens out of their hutch today, may I present to you this very funny you tube video!

Now, that's funny, but having two of my chickens gang up on me this morning wasn't! One of them was able to leave a bruise on my wrist when I wasn't able to dodge the pecking quick enough. Scary stuff!!! And perhaps it makes you think twice about having chickens in your back yard!!!


highwaycottage said...

OMG that video was so funny, I'm not showing it to the kids, none of them will ever go get the eggs for me again ! Not funny when chickens go bad though :-(

Jodz said...

Ha ha. Gives a whole new meaning to being 'hen pecked'

ladyb1 said...

That was so funny. Mine 3 were placid till I got 3 rescued hens, now one of them attacks the new ones. I keep them apart at the moment.

Hope your bruise isnt too bad.

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