Sunday, 15 February 2009

my valentine...

Mr Sew-Funky is definitely a romantic at heart, and I'd have to say that sometimes I think he is more thoughtful than I at figuring out romance.

He's not a flowers and chocolate kind of guy, he gives it more thought than that. Plus have you seen the ridiculous price flowers are on Valentines Day?!

This year Mr Sew-Funky had Friday (the 13th) off work and we spent the day perusing our favourite shops. Real Groovy in the city (for him) and T2 over in Botany (for me)!

The very thoughtful Mr S-F bought me:

something from real groovy
for the visual learner in me... ;)
How to use a thimble

and something from T2

Some Black Rose Tea
hmmm, I can't wait to try it;
Rose, currants, papaya & mango
combine to produce a bold, fruity tea
with a strong rose aroma!

Did you notice something about all the gifts he gave? Something about the colour? That's right, call it luck, but everything was in my favourite colour - ORANGE! :D

And what I got for him;

you can see I didn't get the romance gene... ;)

Actually, it was what he wanted - he's kindof a zombie freak! And that's okay, because now if we ever get attacked by zombies, I know he'll know what to do...

How was your Valentines day?

On another note:
I also bought a copy of a very interesting lifestyle magazine from real groovy. It’s a beautiful issue, called Wellbeing Food: Eating for Pleasure & the Planet. A cross between a book and a magazine, Wellbeing Food is a guide to eating local, fresh, seasonal and sustainable food. And boy is it interesting reading. I picked it up because it has an article on keeping chooks in your backyard, but it has so many more well-written articles!

What are your thoughts on food? Are we getting too PC about it?, or should we be going back to the way our great grandparents ate? Are our current fast food living doing anything great for us? What do you think?


Mr Sew Funky said...

And the Zombies will come, it's been foretold...

CurlyPops said...

I'm so glad you'll have well educated protection from zombies just in case they ever decide to invade!
On the food front, I think we should definitely be getting back to fresh, less processed, more natural food. It tastes better and it's better for you. said...

Love your unconventional gifts (geesh did I spell that right) Valentines day is much much too commericialized and gifts from the heart I love to see. Hubby and I didn't partake partally because I have the flu, Barbie had the flu, now she has strep throat and I have a idea so do I (I will go to my dr on Mon or tue) Monday they maybe closed as its Presidents day. Any way I think we all need to get back to fresh foods and yes not so many processed foods. Marion

Baba said...

I love the zombie guide! LOL!

Angela said...

I am also envious of Mr. Sew Funky for getting the coolest gift ever!

As for food, I believe in sustainability, and I abhor waste. I am learning canning and preserving, and hoping to start a successful garden this year. My dad always spoiled us with home grown veggies, and now all of the canned/frozen stuff makes me gag.

Jodz said...

You know me, I hate being PC but.... I definately think we need to think more about our food -where it comes from - how much processing and packaging does it contain etc. and it is cheaper to have a few convience meals in the freezer than to feed our family takeaways. I would love to be more sustainable.

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