Saturday, 21 February 2009

busy day...

working on my "new" craft room.

I've moved my girls out of this room and into the old craft room, because I want more space! Unfortunately there's less storage space in this room, but there is more floor space, so I "feel" less cramped. :)

I made the most delicious fish & chips for dinner tonight. Gluten free too!!! I just posted the recipe over on my recipe blog... go take a look!

My sister just sent me an email about the pressies I sent...

Hi Dione - YES we received the parcel and were both very excited.
Love Mos tops and the crayon wrap.
I love the sister box. Some very pretty vintage mother of pearl
buttons in there!
Cool apron and button and face cloth - I could go on really.
It was so much fun rifling through it all.
Did I say cool tin?
Hope you are well. Your blog is looking awesome.
xxx Rebekah

I love the response! The best thing about giving gifts is seeing/hearing what the recipient thinks!!! :D

1 comment:

Jodz said...

Oh yey! A new craft room.

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