Saturday, 14 February 2009

just a couple of things I've won recently...

So the huge OWOH giveaway is over, my prize has been won and is about to fly all the way over to Aussie...

I wondered if I'd win anything this time around, I entered almost everyone's giveaways and with fingers crossed hoped like everyone else who'd been doing the same as me that I'd win.  Now that so many more people are involved in OWOH there are probably less opportunities to win something now, but like I said I had my fingers crossed...

Well, I won two OWOH giveaways! :)  YAY!

First up, I won the giveaway Robin from Robin's Artful Musings


And then, some really awesome K &Company Amy Butler Lotus Greeting Stamps from Steph at StephJacobson.

I can't wait to use them!  Steph said to me in her email that it's snowing up a storm where she is, that's just so hard to imagine when it's been stinking hot here.  In fact, on Thursday,  Auckland (New Zealand) had it's hottest day since the 1870's.  32 Celsius.  I realise that's not as hot as Australia's been having, but it's real hot for us wimpish kiwi's! ;)

And then on the very same day as all these were being drawn I won the most awesome handmade bag from Mary at Make it Smirk!

It's the Estelle Bag which you can get a free pattern for from Burda Style! :)  It's so awesome, and I was so lucky to win it - especially since I was the last person to enter!!!  Go check out Mary's blog - she's another great kiwi crafter!

I feel very blessed to be a part of such a generous blogging community, and it's just so much darn fun sharing all the goodness!!


Jodz said...

You are so lucky. I didn't win anything :(

jonaks said...

you are so lucky. i too won in OWOH. a bookmark and a nice pendant. can't wait for next year to join.

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