Tuesday, 17 February 2009

night owl...

I'm yawn tired!

Last night's crafty outing went a tad too late for me. I didn't get home until 11.30pm and when it's a "school night", well, you know what I mean. I'm somewhat grumpy and slow to move this morning.

I managed to do some more stitchery last night, this time making a cute little owl...

I like it, but it may need a little bit more work... I'm thinking wee little ornaments or softie keyrings or something like that! :)


CurlyPops said...

Mr Owl is very cute!

Angela said...

I love your hand stitching! I wish I had the confidence (and the patience) to do that. Your owl is wonderful!

mandapanda said...

I love owls, and your little guy is no exception! Maybe just a little more colour, and he'll be perfect! I e-mailed you my but haven't heard back, did you get it?

Jodz said...

So cute. YOu night owl, you!

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