Tuesday, 10 June 2008

tutorial | fabric covered journal

Make a fantastic looking journal...


2 x medium weight card (23cm x 16cm)
2 x cotton fabric (36cm x 29 cm)
1 x polar fleece/wadding (23cm x 14cm)
p.v.a glue
paint brush
2 x light cardstock (14.5cm x 10cm)
A5 paper - however many sheets you would like

1. Choose and cut out your fabric to the measurements given above. If you are using wadding, cut out a piece. I used polar fleece as a cheap alternative because I have so much of it in my stash - use whatever you have.

2. Glue the polar fleece to the card, as in the picture below. You need to leave approx 2 cm on one side so that when you punch the holes out later it will be flat.

3. Glue the 2 cm edge you left.

4. If you are not using polar fleece/wadding, and for the back cover, glue one side of the medium weight card.

5. Place the card glue side down on the fabric, making sure to place it in the middle.

6. Flip it over, and glue a square in the corner (like in the picture below).

7. Fold the corner in and glue down.

8. Repeat on all 4 corners.

9. Glue and fold in sides.

10. Glue the light cardstock to cover the edges.

11. Leave to dry. I hastened the drying process by ironing mine.

12. Punch holes in the A5 paper using the guides on the hole punch.

13. Punch holes in the covers, making sure it is centred.

14. Bringing it all together... Choose some ribbon to match and tie a nice bow to finish.



Jodz said...

What a great idea. I will have to try these.

CurlyPops said...

Thats so weird....I have pics of that exact same fabric made into a bib on my blog today!
Great idea by the way!

Mommabear said...

I just love your blog!!! I come here daily to check out what your doing next! Would love for you to visit my blog http://knittingspinningsewingcrocheting.blogspot.com/ and would feel honored if you would add it to your page! Huggs Marion

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