Thursday, 12 February 2009

2008 Favourite Things Albums Completed!

These little albums where meant to be Christmas presents for overseas relations so that they can keep up with what the girls like.

Well, I do realise that we are two months into 2009, and that 2008 is well and truly over! I have my excuses, none of them any good. The best would be, that I am like the worlds greatest procrastinator, and these have been on my to do list since November last year.

I am thinking that I need to put them on the list in July, just so they'll be done in time!!! At one stage over the past couple of months I rued the day I even began making them yearly. I wondered if anyone cared if they got one or not. Then all the grandparents and Aunties began asking where their albums were, and I knew I'd better get on to it.

So, here they are:

2008 Favourite things albums...

You can find the 2007 albums here, it was one of the first posts on the sew-funky blog. :)

2 comments: said...

I adore the idea!!! Wow your so so smart!!! and Crafty too boot!!! Huggs and God Bless (ps Barbie has the flu:(

Jodz said...

They are gorgeous. Good job.

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