Sunday, 26 October 2008

Tag Blankies

I have been thinking about making some little tag blankies for a month or so now. They're apparently good for wee babies, and in my own experience, it always seems that babies are more interested in the tags hanging off toys than in the toys themselves!

Of course I had to wait until the cast came off. And so I forgot all about it until looking at Twenty Cent Mixture's latest post, where she made one! This afternoon I had a little bit of spare time and so I came up with my own design, based upon TCM's one. They are so neat, it makes me wish I had another of my own littlie's again - just to try them out! :)

These two tag blankies are going to be little pressies for two special 6 month old babies I know (Averie - of last post's fame, and Ruby - my gorgeous little neice!) They're made from polar fleece and a wide range of ribbons, cotton tapes that I had in my craft supply. A great way to use up the stash without buying any more crap to fill my craft-room!! :D

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PaisleyJade said...

Ooooh - love those! Have always wanted to make some tag blankets too - will have to find some babies so I have a good excuse!

Lynda said...

show me a bub who doesn't like a tag blankie! Having said that, I still haven't made one for my bub - oops! she gets her tag action from soft toys.

I really like your blankies, and we're always looking for ways to use stash!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Have added you to my blogroll.

Cheers, Lynda

Samantha said...

Great job! I just wanted to mention that children with autism of (all ages) also love these tag blankets! They are very sensory and wonderful for those children with oral sensory differences.

Great Job!

Jelly Wares said...

These look great!!! Thanks for the inspiration I may just have to whip a couple up for a special little 4 month old that I know..

Take Care
Jodie :)

The Bowlin's said...

oops i peaked!!! cannot wait to see how averie likes them. your sew creative, sew funky, and sew fun!!!
good job using scraps such a great idea!

The Bowlin's said...

averie liked hers. it is just the right size for her little fingers. thanks again.

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