Thursday, 30 October 2008


6 - mr sewfunky EEEK! He can't win the book!!

I took a screen shot so that you all know, I'm not joking - his number did win! Click on image to see it bigger.

I can't really let him win, I believe he is disqualified from entry because he is married to the judge!

So without further ado, the real winner of the Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule is...

The Bowlin's said...

love to win the book, i always need more creative ways to interact with my family. thanks for all the fun

Congratulations Becca! I trust you will enjoy this great book. I can't believe it picked you, see I told you that you never know if you'll win or not. Can you believe it picked Mr SewFunky and then my very good friend, Becca? I am beginning to think it's not so random!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, there were 46 entries, way more than I ever anticipated. I am sorry I couldn't give you all this book!

I used the random number generator from the violets are blue website. Not so sure if it makes it random or not after this experience! ;)


Elizabeth said...

hi! i just saw that you said you really like my blog on the bubbaandchicken giveaway! thanks! i like yours too! *smile*

The Bowlin's said...

thanks for the book. i am excited about getting some new creative ideas and having fun reading it!!!!! your great!!!

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