Wednesday, 29 October 2008

my wonderful sister Paula!

has sent the girls all a combined birthday/Christmas 2008 present today. My sister lives in the UK and I haven't seen her in over a decade - scary, huh! It's just too far away for a visit, unfortunately. We've been a little lax over the years in keeping in contact, but she's always in my heart, as sisters often are! :)

I let the girls open them for an early Christmas surprise. It was fun to watch as usually Christmas can be an overwhelming, overrated affair, and the girls had so much fun opening the bags to find little surprises inside - Thanks, Paula!

Remember to enter the draw to win Amanda Blake Soule's book - the creative family here on my blog. Tomorrow is the last day - I'll pick a winner in the evening! :D

2 comments: said...

Your girls are so so beautiful!!! They look like they are having such fun! Very sweet of your sister! I have 3 all who live across the country so I understand no seeing sister is hard!!! Makes it difficult but we talk daily so that helps. My brother lives here in town, yes there are 5 of us! Huggs and God Bless you and your family!

The Bowlin's said...

looks like fun girls. early Christmas is alway fun. hey light party tomorrow!!!

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