Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Sometimes there's just not enough...

hours in the day!

Yesterday, my eldest and youngest daughter's had the day off school because of a teachers only day. I offered to look after my friends sweet daughter Cail, who is almost two. So there was no time at all to craft! Especially since I put the porta-cot up in my sewing room!!! Still, I can't complain when she's so cute!

Look, wee one asleep. She looked so adorable, when I went to check on her at 4pm that I couldn't resist taking a picture!

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1 comment:

The Bowlin's said...

i love how she has her doll the same way she is sleeping. she has been taking care of that doll ever since that day. she even put nappy cream on her bottom. don't worry B we washed it off. i found a newborn nappy left from averie and we put it on her. cail has been little miss mommy the last few days. so cute. that and waving bye bye to her wees!! funny tricks mrs. sew funky.

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