Sunday, 26 October 2008

new light party fairies... :)

My good friend Becca has had a rough run of illness lately, and so Hope and I went over to give her a day off, yesterday. She has 2 small girls, Cail (2 next month) and Averie ( just over 6 months - I think...) and they pretty much keep her on her toes. Which makes life difficult when you're sick.

Whilst we were there, Becca mentioned that she'd like to make little outfits for the girls for Halloween, as they're going to a light party. She had already bought the fabric, and clothes aspect of it - she just needed to put it all together. Quite hard when you're sick and have no sewing machine. So there we were, when I remembered seeing a little fairy skirt made from ribbons tied around elastic (thanks Lianne, who made one for her grand-daughter Willow!). So the idea struck and it went from there. I took the t-shirts home and appliqued them with little garden fairies and made some little shoes to match for Averie! They're gonna be the best dressed girls there!!!

It turned out to be quite a fun day, I'd forgotten how much I love the age that the girls are at! I got loads of cuddles!!! :)

me and averie mae

She's such a sweet little thoughtful thing! I love her to bits!

I am so loving the freedom, that not having the cast brings, cuddles and crafting - woohoo! I've wanted to make these shoes ever since I saw some Lianne and also Twenty Cent Mixture had made. They looked difficult, but I have quickly discovered how truly easy they are!

Becca, your girls are truly wonderful! As are you! I wish you a quick speedy recovery! And remember, you can always call on me when you're unwell! (actually any time you like!!! hehehe!)

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The Bowlin's said...

that was a fun day. cannot wait till our next project. i hope your arm doesn't hurt too much from all the work yesterday, i kept you pretty busy. i do feel i bit better today.beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!! thanks again friend said...

You truley are an angel!!! Huggs and God bless you! Beautiful outufits for halloween! God Bless Marion

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Don't they look adorable in their outfits. I love the little skirts!

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