Thursday, 16 October 2008

some good news on the horizon...

Next week's gonna be a goodie... I can tell! :)

1. My cast is coming off on Wednesday!

2. My cast is coming off on Wednesday!

3. My CAST is COMING OFF on Wednesday!!!

4. I will be able to drive.

5. I will be able to craft a whole lot more than I am currently.

6. I can do basic chores again (not necessarily a plus, but you know what I mean...).

7. My cast is definately coming off... :D

8. This is the best by FAR! I am picking up my new sewing machine on Monday or Tuesday!!!

See below pic:

It's not the one I "really" wanted, but it's good and way better than the Brother I had before. Never ever buy a Brother people! I'm thinking I'll upgrade in a couple of years to a better machine... ;)

So great news... and Fifi is still to arrive too!!! So next week is looking great!

Some more niceties...
I popped out to the dairy (local shop) with Aimee after school, and was met (on the way back) by a good friend (Hi Lianne!) and her children walking my dog Lucky. By way of explanation, Mr Sew-Funky was at home and suggested she walk to meet me. She had a really nice cheer-me-up surprise, some carnations and some hershey's kisses. She'd read my earlier blog post, and wanted to make me feel a little better! :) All I can say is, what a fantastic friend she is!! Thanks so much, you made my day just that little bit better.

1 comment: said...

The cast comming off is Wonderful Fantastic Time for a celebration!!!! Im so so happy that darn cast is comming off!!! Now remember take it easy! Do what the dr says! Especally don't do what he says Don't do!!!! Somehow I have this idea you always over do. Maybe push yourself too hard!!! The sewing machine is wonderful!!! I'm so excited for you looks wonderfull! I'm wondering how much that would be in dollars since im In the states. My machine is a Singer and I got a wonderful deal the lady got it from her mom and wanted a quick 20 dollars so sold it to me. Its a pretty good machine. Not as fancy as your getting!!! Oh by the way stop by my blog and see my pumpkin I made!!! I always think of your blog when i create!!! God Bless Marion

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