Saturday, 18 October 2008

a lesson learned...

On Thursday night, after having a rather bad day, and in a not-thinking mindset, I washed my cellphone. It was totally accidental, I swear!! The second I shut the door of my wonderful front-loader, the realisation that it was in there HIT!

If it had been a top-loading machine I'd have been able to quickly remove the phone, but front-loaders like to lock the door and so I knew right away the phone was gone... aaaargh!

After spending a thousand dollars during the day on my new sewing machine, I knew we simply didn't have an extra couple of hundred lying around.

Today, my wonderful hubby, Mr Sew-Funky went out and bought me a new phone. Thanks so much hubby of mine, the cellphone is pretty much my lifeline at times. I'm able to contact him and whoever I want to when I'm out, I have no clue how I ever managed without one!

So lesson learned - cellphones don't like water, so keep them out of the washing machine!

1 comment: said...

Wonderful Wonderful hubby you have! Now can you get him to talk to mine? LOL Marion

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