Thursday, 30 October 2008

pillowcase bag...

Today, I was inspired by a pillowcase bag that was made by sew cute babe. There's a tutorial for it on Martha Stewart.

I finally cut into two pillowcases that Becs gave me in the sister box. I had been too scared to before, but seeing as how cute these bags turn out, I knew I had to do it!

Look how cute they are, modeled by Briahna & Hope;

This is such a quick and rewarding bag to make!

Here are the instructions for making them (taken straight from the martha stewart website):

Sleeper of a Bag

From: Martha Stewart Living

Give an orphaned pillowcase a new home -- over your shoulder.

1. Trim 1/4 inch off the closed end, and cut the case in half on the diagonal. Turn the fabric of each of the four diagonal cut edges over by 1/4 inch, twice; pin, and hem.

2. Place one pillowcase half inside the other, lining up bottom edges; pin, and sew at front where fabrics overlap. Repeat on other side. Turn fabric inside out, and hem case's cut bottom. Trim with pinking shears. Turn case right side out, tie top ends into a knot, and you have a carefree summer bag.

Thanks again Martha for giving me something new to create!!! The bag that Hope is modeling is a little different from Martha's one. I boxed the bottom, used bias binding instead of hemming the bag, and strengthening the bottom of the bag with a little cardboard. :)


Shellbells said...

very cool must have a go at this one!!!

.girl ferment. said...

those are adorable.
well done.

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