Tuesday, 22 January 2008

slip covers for an old computer chair

On Sunday, I decided enough was enough, I was sick of sitting on our old raggy computer chair! The girls kept on picking at the now visible foam and the use-by-date was very quickly approaching. So I decided to make slip covers for it - way easier than totally re-upholstering and they can be taken off to wash!

what I began with

I chose some old brown cord from my fabric stash and then cut basic shapes out (couldn't be faffed to use a paper pattern!). I cut a rectangle shape for the back and a rounded edge square for the seat. I used some leather to tie the back on and elastic into a pocket I sewed around the edge of the seat fabric.

what I ended up with

It looks better in person - something about photographing cord, I guess that's why you can't wear stripes on television! I am super pleased with the results and it's so much more comfy now...


weezie said...

My office chair is very similar to yours. Can you tell me how you determined the pattern size to cut the bottom cover? How did you do it?
I don't want to waste a lot of time I don't have trying to figure it all out.
I am just going to make a cover for the back that just slips on without tying.
I would appreciate any help you could give me.

sewfunky said...


I measured the bottom and added about 10cm all around the edge. The elastic is very forgiving, in that you don't notice any "mistakes". :)

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

My chair isn't as worn as yours, but it has several dire stains on it - of unknown origin. It was a cast-off from a university computer lab, so heaven only knows what dirt is ground in. (It was being thrown out because it was missing a few screws or something, which made it squeak loudly.)
I wonder if my sewing would look as good as yours?
The short answer is no - but I could try anyway.

Thanks for showing that it CAN be done,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

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