Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Op Shoppin!

cool accidental photo of finds

Well, today was the most utterly awesome experience, only slightly better than going thrift store buying with my sister Bec's - that was, I thought hard to top!

I just LOVE Papakura for the sheer amount of cool crafty stuff you can get in one place! I may just move there, you know! As it is it's only around 15 minutes drive away!

Anyway, on to the good stuff - my finds! (Photo's follow in no particular order...)

5 chocolate moulds - yum yum! I have been making chocolates for years now! Ever since I left home and bought my first mould. Well, actually, the first time I made chocolates was with my good friend, Kathleen's mould's. Anyway, I digress...

Lot's of great crafting book's and magazines.
Let's see, I got a cool Creative Feltcraft book, written in the year of my birth (1972, for all of you not in the know!). How to make Soft Toys & Dolls, also containing some rather spectacular crafting from the seventies. I am reliving my childhood I tell you! This particular book has a really awesome fabric Matryoshka Doll. I will try to remember to scan the picture of that in - it's certainly a must to make! Working with Paper, which I bought thinking the girls might be able to get creative in the last few weeks of their holiday. It's full of lot's of easy paper craft. I have been wanting a knitting dictionary for a little while now, especially since I've begun to get creative with the dishcloth's - knitting dishcloth's is a fantastic way to try out new stitches. I discovered this little book on the counter at the Make-a-wish shop, someone else had just decided not to buy it! Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary; 900 stitches patterns - the only thing more to say about it is - WOW! I also got, in no particular order, and only typing a list cos' I'm tired of writing; fontana socks for the family on 2 needles, Stitchcraft magazine No 405, Stitchcraft magazine No 414, Enid Gilchrist's Pinnies 'n' Things - think APRON HEAVEN!, Woman's World Magazine 28 July 1976 - awesome doll's knitting.

One very sweet apron - I'm wearing it as I type - I just LOVE it so - not sure when I would wear it otherwise as I wouldn't want to stain it!

4 balls of cotton, 2 packets of bias binding, white ric-rac; yay, yay, yay - triple yay!

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