Thursday, 24 January 2008

Gathered Skirt Instructions

I was inspired to make these skirts when I saw my friend’s daughter’s skirt this morning. Looked easy and it was! It was a pumpkin patch skirt – I think?!? If you’re reading this Jodz, let me know.

To work out how much material you need you will need to measure your child’s hip’s. For example Briahna’s hip measurement was 26.5 inches so the band-width equals 13.75 inches with seam allowance (I halved her hip measurement and added a seam allowance of 0.5 inches).

My children’s fabric requirements were;

Cut 2 of everything....


Band: 8 inches x 18 inches

Gathered Ruffle: 11.5 inches x 34 inches


Band: 7 inches x 16.5 inches

Gathered Ruffle: 9.25 inches x 31 inches


Band: 7 inches x 13.75 inches

Gathered Ruffle: 8.25 inches x 25.5 inches

To give you an idea of what the above sizes represent - Briahna is a small size 7, Aimee is size 10 and Hope is a size 12/14.

To work out the length of the skirt; measure from the waist-to-the-knee and add a seam allowance.

To figure out the ruffle height measurement; subtract the band measurement from the waist-to-knee measurement.


1. Either overlock or zig-zag the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying. Unfortunately I have to zig-zag because I don’t have an overlocker.

2. Sew the right sides together at the right hand side seam (both band and ruffle).

3. Gather the ruffle by sewing two straight lines along the top of the longest piece. Pull the threads very gently to gather.

4. Line up the seams of this with the band adjusting it to fit the band. Pin and sew them making sure that right sides are together.

5. Sew up the un-sewn side seam, making sure the right sides are together.

6. Fold and iron the top of the skirt over twice to make a casing for the elastic. Using a safety pin or a bodkin thread the elastic through the casing,

7. Hem the skirt by folding, ironing and pinning the bottom of the skirt twice ( I do this with an approx. 1 cm fold both times)

8. Add ric-rac or lace to the hem and/or bottom of the band. This is optional, but looks great.

Let me know if there’s anything in these instructions that you’re unsure about. :)


Jodz said...

Jodz here. I love these skirts & they are easily as beautiful as the pumpkin patch ones. Handmade stuff is so cool.

sew-funky said...

Thanks! :D

pink kiwi princess said...

Your skirts are really adorable. I may be over looking something but how did you get the gathered ruffle width?

sewfunky said...

Uhmmmm! I can't remember right now - but will give it some thought as to how I worked it out over the next day or so. I'm sure I used a mathematic formula of some sort...

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