Thursday, 24 January 2008

refashioning & headbands

We just had a fashion shoot (not quite!) to show off the refashioned jeans and new headbands, I made today, look like. Note to self; don't stand next to Bree if I don't wanna look HUGE!

My favourite pair of jeans were on their last legs, and I was sad until I thought about making them into capri pants - so I can wear them a bit longer - YAY!

The headbands were made with a very UGLY late 80's shirt. I don't think the shirt was ever in fashion!! I bought it at Mr Bo.Jumbles (a thrift store that has everything in bins and you have to sift through ALOT of crap to find anything good) yesterday. The tutorial/pattern I used for the headbands can be found here. It's a lot better than the bands I made for Christmas because the elastic is hidden!

I found the skirt Bree is wearing at Bo.Jumbles too! So cute and in fantastic condition - She, of course, LOVES it!

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