Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The BEST Chrissy Pressie's ever...

This year, as with most, my hubby surprised me with some great presents.

I shouldn't be so surprised, especially after 13 years of this, but I always pleasantly am.

We ordered these books 6 weeks before Christmas, and I just assumed they would arrive after. They arrived the day before we left for Whakatane, and Jonathan sneaked them away and listened to me complain for a week about them not arriving - grrrrr! Quite funny really, and I know it's not a secret I could've kept, had it been the other way around.

I am one lucky woman, and I guess this gives me permission to spend hours making more softies than I know what to do with! The best buy in my opinion is... Plush You! It's full of ideas to borrow. I love the way Sock and Glove is written, and my 7 year old spent many hours poring over the pages!

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