Wednesday, 30 January 2008

2007 Favourite Things Albums

An explanation…
In late 2006, I began a project to complete little Scrapbooking albums of the girls. It became a larger project as I added family members to the list of who would like to receive one. Most of my family members live overseas, none live in our city, and so they hardly ever see the girls. It was a great way to show them off!
2006 album

I got the girls to tell me their favourite things about the year, which we put beside their picture and I ended up making nine albums, keeping three for each of the girls – who knows, they may want them when they’re older and laugh about liking Cabbage Patch Dolls etc.

I decided then and there that this should be a regular present for my family, it takes away a lot of the angst of what to get them for Christmas!

Well, 2007 zoomed by, and I started the albums at the beginning of December, hoping to get them out in time, but… well… things happened. First, I couldn’t find any nice photo’s of the girls, and then I had so many other presents to make, that it took a back seat to them. So finally, here we are at the end of January and they are completed!!! YAY! So they will go out to their recipients (Granny, Grandad, Nanny, Grampy & all the Aunt’s & Uncles) and we will keep three, which three I’m not sure about yet. I may get the girls to choose.

So here they are, all nine of them:

I will post them individually later on today!

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