Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Reversible half apron - with pockets

Yesterday, I realised that I needed an apron in the kitchen whilst making messy hamburger patties from scratch. I like being able to wipe my hands which gets somewhat messy!

So this afternoon I found myself making one. I didn't want one with a bib, cos' it's just too hot here at the moment.

I ended up making two - not that I need two, but I used an old favourite denim skirt, and front and back had enough fabric for two!

Here are some basic instructions of what I did;

1. I chose cool vintage paisley fabric to go with the denim skirt. Using the shape of my skirt (which was an A frame) as a guide to the shape of my apron, I cut the paisley fabric to the same shape.

2. I sewed the 2 fabrics right sides together, leaving top open, and then pulling it right side out.

3. I then made the ties out of the paisley fabric (think long skinny length of fabric sewn together) and sewed it to the top of apron.

4. My next thought was that it needed pockets, somewhere to hang the tea towel or put the oven glove, and so I made a huge pocket sewing it in the middle to make two pockets.

And here we have it, modeled by my lovely 11 year old daughter!

Please comment below if you would like further clarification to the above instructions, as I'm not sure if they are clear enough.

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