Sunday, 17 February 2008

thing a day; seventeen

Yesterday, my friend Jodee showed off some little finger puppets she has knitted recently, telling me they were super easy to make. So today, I decided to try making some for myself, and here are the results:

Aimee with Horse & Pig

I am going to try the other three finger puppets in the series later on tonight. Jonathan is taking Hope & Aimee to church, but since Briahna is still sick I am spending the night at home with her and my knitting needles! You can find the free pattern on the How Stuff Works website.

I made a trip to Spotlight to buy a couple of balls of wool so that I could complete the set of puppets and came out with 22 balls of wool...

They were having a big clear-out and each ball was just $1.99 each. What a bargain, I couldn't just leave with 2 balls! The best buy had to be the Cleckheaton Machine Wash Crepe Wool which is usually $8 a ball. After convincing myself that I wouldn't have to buy any more wool for a while I headed to the counter to make my purchases ($44 worth!). I am a happy girl!

My wool supply worries are over!

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