Thursday, 28 February 2008

bad day

I don't usually write about stuff like this here. I try to keep this blog about craft, but... my afternoon has been bad. My morning was great - had a great time with friends and had lunch with a good friend, Becca.

And then Hurricane Aimee hit! I am totally tired of having to deal with her day in and day out. It wasn't anything really big either - except she embarrassed me (and her sister) when I was picking them up from school by running away from me and into her class whilst lessons were still in progress! :( Then when I took them all to the supermarket to get something nice for dinner (it's the hubby's birthday!) she started yelling for no known reason - "Stop hitting me Mum, don't hit me!" I wasn't even near her at the time, but everyone just HAD to turn and look didn't they! Sometimes parenting an high-functioning autistic child is just too difficult...

When I got home, Jonathan rang to say his car has broken down (again!) and he will be really late home cos' he's waiting for the AA guy to come and look at the car. Oh dear! :(


Rebekah said...

Sorry you had a difficult afternoon D......hopefully things have improved for you by now.
Happy birthday to Jonathon....XXX Rebekah

Liz, Scott & Harry said...

Hope you have a better day today and that Aimee is more settled.. at least the sun is shining so it's beaut weather!

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