Monday, 18 February 2008

my daughters have caught the knitting bug!

knitting before school...

Well, two of them have anyway! My eldest and youngest have decided knitting is pretty cool! I guess it's true what they say about children emulating their parents behaviour! ;)

Hope is embarking on a scarf with fancy yarn and Briahna has been knitting what started out as a scarf only to become an over nap for her doll! She keeps on adding stitches where there are none!!

Actually, I think we all have to start somewhere and if you all could see my first knitting piece... Mine has a couple of holes, is knitted in the strangest choice of yarn, but is oddly cute. I made a little jacket for my teddy bear when I was around 7. It was made from a series of squares and rectangles, and if I find it out I'll take a photo and post it up on the blog.

action shot!

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