Friday, 15 February 2008

I WON!!!

I just can't believe it! I am finding it hard to breathe, let alone type! I didn't think I would win anything when I entered all the giveaways through one world - one heart. (I didn't enter all of them, just the ones I liked...) I have won four, make that FIVE giveaways!!! I can hardly believe it myself, I never win anything - just ask the hubby! I am trying to breathe here... I am so thankful to One World - One Heart and I'll definately take part in the giveaway community next time Lisa organises one!

Here's what I won:
Kimono Tag Fold Holder
From Bridget of Fruit Salad
received 19/02/08

From B.B.Bellezza
No Pic to show, but look at all the wonderful jewellery she makes!

Cupcake Girl Painting
From Jenn of Noodle & Lou
Received 29/02/08

From Beverley of Blog 'Til You Drop
received 27/02/08
Handmade Greeting Cards
From Adriann at A Day in the Life of...
received 26/02/08
No Pic to show - I will post a pic when they arrive!


Jenn said...

yippppeeee for you:):):)


Debbie Egizio said...

Wow, congratulations! 4 winnings, that's incredible. I'm thinking that you should run (not walk) and buy a lottery ticket! Enjoy your lovely prizes!

Adriann said...

Add another one to your list, as you won a card set from me.

Please send me your address.


Rebekah said...

sheesh!! Definately buy that lotto ticket.

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