Friday, 15 February 2008

thing a day; fifteen

I have been busy creating the last couple of days - unfortunately most of the creations are to be gifts, so I can't post pictures yet. I am wondering how other people deal with this. Especially when you know the person the gift is intended for regularly reads your blog! Give me some help here!!

One thing I can show you is the personalisation of one of the rice bags I made yesterday. See the process below...

I made two rice bag sacks the same (big mistake as very quickly the girls were fighting about whose was whose!) So I gathered the materials needed to personalise them.
I wrote Aimee's name in invisible ink and embroidered her name in metallic thread. (unfortunately it means that when the sack is heated it needs to come out of the sock!)
Here is Aimee wearing the bag across her shoulders. It's the perfect size for this. Personally, though, I like to use it on my stomach for that "extra special" time of the month. ;)

1 comment:

Amy said...

extra special time of the month...amen to that! they are perfect for that use!

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