Sunday, 17 February 2008

finished; finger puppets

These are so cool and easy to do. The horse and pig were very quickly joined by a duck, a farmer and a cow. (They take hardly any time and hardly any yarn!) :) We like that!

My other two girls both wanted to have their photos up on the blog, playing with the new toy (not, that they are for them exactly!) Old MacDonald had a farm, e i e i o, and on that farm he had a horse, e i e i o!

Gotta love the fluffy duck! But just don't try saying "fluffy duck" too fast or if you've had anything to drink!!! HEHEHEHE!


Rebekah said...

oh my gosh D these are so cute I might have to commision you. Seriously.
The cards look great too - they are such fun to make aye.
You need yourself an online store......

sewfunky said...

Thanks! :) I am still trying to convince J that I should start an online store and I have joined both etsy and felt, but I am not sure which one would be better... I want to support kiwi (felt) but etsy may have more "foot-traffic". Anyway, waiting means I can research and think about my options!

J wants me to make a zombie finger puppet, so that may be in the works for his birthday which is very quickly coming up!

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