Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I love my local op shop!

Today, I visited my local hospice op shop and was surprised with quite a few great finds...

The best of which was a little flower loom (apparently it's called an "1000 flower's" loom - I can understand why as making them is very addictive!) Can you believe it only cost $1!!! :D

Look at a couple I made earlier this evening:

And what to do with what you've made (the girls came up with these ideas - I think, you could use them to embellish stuff!):
I'll try to remember to put up a post of all the other finds I got "op shoppin" tomorrow. Don't be jealous, just remember to go out and support your own local op shops!


Amy said...

Oh what fun! Have fun decorating with all of your flowers!

CC said...

I'm showing my age here...
but I had an afgan kit in the
1960s that used this flower loom. After making a kazillion flowers you crocheted them together with a chain stitch going from flower petal to opposite flower petal.

Can you believe I made two of those afgans?

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