Tuesday, 24 November 2009

to market, to market,

to buy a fat pig crafty thing
home again, home again
jiggity jig!

So many fun people and things to buy that I couldn't possibly remember everyone, here are a few stand-out people though!

I'm loving the organisers of Crafternoon tea - Luisa & Trent, you guys do a brilliant job of bringing it all together without a hitch!  Thanks so much. :)

Now, onto the things I bought and swapped - I think a little show-off is in order;

cute earrings and brooch from songbird designs

the very first issue of extra curricular!

beautiful camellia brooch from Jo of Unexpected Hug

button hairgrips from my neighbour, Weak Willed and Easily Led

gorgeous chrissy decoration from Jennie of Softings

I seriously had to restrain myself from buying more, as if I could have, I'd have bought brooches galore!  I'd have bought that cute little ninja brooch from DMCAY designs, the ninja softie from Unexpected Hug, the little Max brooches that Little Bird Designs makes and so, so much more!  It was very difficult to stop myself spending with all the crafty goodness around.

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PaisleyJade said...

What cute things... especially the camellia brooch!

Jo Ashcroft said...

Thanks so much for my mention. So glad you are happy with your camellia. I loved the fact that there was so much swapping going on at Crafternoon tea. really added to the nice atmosphere. My wallet is now covered in coffee- accident prone me. Hoping it will wash OK!

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