Thursday, 5 November 2009

made | tea wallets

Yep, I went crazy and made some more tea wallets to sell at the markets. It's a fun way to put to use all of that nice japanesey fabric that I have in my stash!

I'm loving the red two...

5/11/09 Postscript;
I've just sold the cute red tea wallet (the one with little pink flowers). :) Helena was wandering around with a plastic bag to hold her rooibos teabags in her handbag. I opened her eyes to a better way.



Beeshebags said...

Oooh well done hun.....yeah the red ones are nice, but the purple ones are top of my list....that might be coz it's my favourite colour though!


Jodz said...

They are so cute and Im sure they will be a top seller.

Harooney said...

What a good idea! They are really cute.

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