Tuesday, 3 November 2009

new | ruched brooches...

Something new for the markets...

These are so fun to make, and after a quick trip down to the local fabric shop I was able to finish them by sewing on the brooch back.

Before we go any further, I must tell you all about the saga of my brooch backs. I jokingly told my daughter that I bet I'd find the ones I'd misplaced in the shift, if I bought some this afternoon, and...

sure enough, I found them whilst looking for more fabric to ruch into brooches in my craftroom! I've been looking for them for 3 months now, and if I'd known that just buying some more would help me find them - I'd have done it sooner. Either that, or I need better organisational skills!!

Do you have a story like that to share? Tell me about it by commenting below. :)



Jacqui said...

Ah yes, that's the classic. Sometimes I pretend I'm going to buy the item in question again in the hopes the first one will turn up. It doesn't work - you have to fork out the money for the magic to happen. What have I had to do recently...buy a whole bunch more underwear elastic because the first lot went missing. It turned up last week exactly where it should have been and I have no idea how I missed it the first time around. I also lost the pattern to a stuffed bunny I'd made, redrafted it, and then found the original shortly after - as expected.

Jodz said...

I have seen these brooches in real life and they are soooo gorgeous. Very funny about the brooch backs. Now you'll have to make heaps more brooches to use them up.

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