Monday, 2 November 2009

fun crafty people...

One of the main reasons I had so much fun at Saturday's Craft Fair was because of all the great people that were there! So much fun was had!

Most of the people I met didn't have blog's, unfortunately! So I can't link to them on here, but I would like to mention them, anyways.

There was Carolyn from Stampin'Up who does the neatest boxes and packaging, I was inspired.

Deb from Delicious makes really awesome patchwork and fabric bags, I was in love with everything she makes!

Jennie from Softings makes the most awesome dolls, I bought some cards and a little purse from her.

Jenny from twice around the block had some awesome jewellery, boy did I covet one of her ring/earring sets! I didn't end up buying it, but did buy a really nice Jasper beaded necklace from her. Apparently Jasper has physical healing properties. I don't know if I believe all that, but they sure are nice stones!

Then I really enjoyed chatting to Jan from Nana's Bottom Drawer. She makes really cute doll's clothing and sells them on TradeMe.

Of course, I can't forget mentioning my partner in crime, Jodz! I highly recommend doing a craft market with a friend. The time went so fast, and it means you can nip away from the table occasionally to see what everyone else is up to! Thanks Jodee - I had so much fun!

If you've ever pondered about doing a craft market, I recommend you just get out there and "do it!" You just never know how much fun can be had, until you try. It's not just about how much you sell (I made $57 which was nice!) it's also about who you meet!


4 comments: said...

Oh how fun!!! I am glad you made a little cash and had fun along the way!!! Hugs Marion

Gail said...

looks great! I love the little dolls. Too cute!

cassie said...

Hi, I'm your craft swap buddy from Polka dot daze. If you could email me or at my blog to let me know your address, and your favourite colours etc, that would be great.Ta

clare's craftroom said...

Sounds like great fun !

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