Friday, 13 November 2009

Doily Mad...

It's all gone a little doily mad at the sew-funky house.  It all began with an upcycled skirt and has progressed to doily loyalty card wallets and even a doily piece of art. 

doily upcycled skirt

The skirt was upcycled from a comfy old pair of jeans.  I cut the crotch out and by using the bottom half of the jean leg was able to infill the space - so cool, and easy.  The old jeans had an oil stain and a couple of little paint marks which were easily covered by doily's! :)

doily loyalty card wallets

These will be available in my shop, later on today...  And also at the local craft fair tomorrow morning. :)

doily art

I went to the local art group this morning, what fun we all had.  Lot's of talking, some coffee and some art making too!  This is what I came up with, after a brain storm at around 4am this morning.  I plan on making more of these in different background colours.  What a great way of showing off the workmanship that goes into these old family heirlooms.

Feel the doily love...

Don't forget I'm at the local Lions Craft Fair tomorrow at the Pukekohe Town Hall.  If you are in the Franklin area, drop in and say hi.  I'd love to see you.  Doors open at 9am & close at 1pm.  It's all held inside - so if the weather is not so good the craft fair is a great place to be.

And don't forget to enter my giveaway extravaganza!



CurlyPops said...

Oooh I love a bit of doily craft!

julia said...

i love doilies too. I think of my grandmother when I see them. I use them in my sewing too.

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