Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Flower Brooch Display

Part of doing craft markets is about how you display your wares.  After pondering about how to display my flower brooches I had a brain-wave.  Yes, those still occur occasionally in the sew-funky household ;).  I have, literally tons of old plastic knitting needles, which I hate to knit with.  I prefer metal needles.

So in the interest of upcycling and using what I have lying around, I came up with this;

Excuse the photo, it does look better in real life!

What do you think?  Goer or Noer?

And what type of needles do you prefer to use?  Plastic, Bamboo, Rosewood, Metal, Other?


1 comment:

JAN said...

I like the idea very much, especially the part about recycling. I hate plastic knitting needles as well. I only use steel. Jan:-)

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