Wednesday, 11 November 2009

new | Crocheted Hair Grips

It is impossible to take a good photo of one's hairclips by yourself.  After NINE tries I managed to get something only slightly half decent.  At least you get the gist of what these look like.

Made from a deconstructed cotton crocheted cardigan (so GROSS), these are actually quite cool.  I painted them with acrylic paint - both sides - and then sprayed them with matt varnish.  Then, using those skinny hair grips I used to pretty up my very boring hair-do.  I was going to say style, but with hair like mine you can't really use the word style in the same sentence!

I've made them in white, blue, yellow and red.  But, blue and red turned out the best.

Oh, and have you looked at my sitemeter counter lately?  Nearly 100,000 visitors to my blog - WOW!  So to celebrate that milestone I'll be putting up a giveaway on the blog tomorrow.  Keep an eye out and don't forget to enter.  :)

Also, if you haven't checked out my new sewfunkyshop blog - go take a look.  :)   There's not a lot on there yet.  But there will be.  Keep an eye on it for all the great things you see me making on this blog!



Mr Sew Lucky said...

I'm number 100,001 do I get a prize?

Jodz said...


Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh the photos cute! I can tell from it that they are lovely!
Just checking that you have contacted your swap partner for my Christmasy swap and everything is OK?se

Tas said...

Oooh, love hairclips. Love crochet. Should get off my butt and play around with things like this. They look cool.

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