Tuesday, 14 April 2009

inspired jean refashion | H is for Hope...

This was inspired by the little tote bags that Kristy, of Paisley Jade fame, made recently!

I now have three others in the process of being made! :)

Maybe, I've got my crafting mojo back?!!

Unfortunately, my photography skills suck bigtime!
I'll try and get Mr Sew-Funky to take a better one... ;)


Mommab@sbcglobal.net said...

Wow Beautiful!!! I would love to see the little charms you got from someone far away? HINT HINT LOL huggs Marion

PaisleyJade said...

Now that looks awesome! What a great idea... I think you've inspired me more!

Mary Nanna said...

Pa ha ha as the page was uploading I thought, what a beautiful photo! Beauty is in the eye of this beholder.

Baba said...

Very nice upcycle!

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