Monday, 27 April 2009

I hate to drive...

but I love google and the internet!

Look what I found...

when I was thinking about how much I hate to drive after this mornings trip to school.

I sometimes wonder why we decided to put our girls into a little country school when I have to drive there and back, twice a day. Cos, I HATE TO DRIVE!

Need to move closer to their school!

And, yes, this means SCHOOLS BACK! :)

Not sure what to do with myself, now that they're back doing what they're good at. Last night, Briahna begged me to homeschool her again! I homeschooled them for FOUR years, and they've been at school now for almost two years. Does she think I'm a sucker for punishment?! ? Actually, those four years were some of the best years of my life. I got to know my girls really well during the best hours of the day! But I don't think I'll be wanting to give up my crafting days and ways to school them anytime soon...

This week will be interesting and restful as Aimee has respite on both Tuesday and Friday, which means I'll be getting a well-deserved break! In fact, we are heading into relaxing May, with two retreat's planned for ME! and three respite days for Aimee. God is good, because I really need some treat me well time! I'm sure it's He who organised this coming month as I only just put two and two together and figured out the respite times last night, I'd been looking at just March/April and May/June as seperate letters, and not together as April/May! LOL :)

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