Thursday, 23 April 2009

repurposed | cute yarn holder

This is something that's been sitting in my brain for a while, just waiting to come out...

Cute Puppy Yarn Holder

closed and ready to use...

a little something I added at the last minute...

and to prove that cat's LOVE craft!
or at least cat's always turn up when it's photo time!!!

What do you think?

I used an old cadbury drinking chocolate tin inside so that it would keep it's shape - great re-use! :D

I am LOVING making crafts with what I have on hand, it's fun figuring out what you can make with stuff that's lying around!

Off to do some holiday stamping with the girls now - FUN, Fun, fun! :)


PaisleyJade said...

That is the coolest idea. I was having trouble with my ball of yarn last night and should have thought of your plan!!!

CurlyPops said...

Now thats what I call a fantabulous recycling effort!

banban designs said...

Love it!

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