Tuesday, 21 April 2009

visit to the dietician...

We've just come back from visiting the dietician for Briahna. She basically agreed with what we are doing with her diet and gave me some interesting websites to check out, so I thought I'd post them here in case any of you were interested too!

We will probably need to do some more investigation into whether or not Briahna is allergic/intolerant to chocolate as at easter she threw up major time after having a dairy free/gluten free easter egg! :( This means a little bit of a bland diet for a few weeks and then testing by introducing a small amount and waiting for a reaction.

Anyway, here are the websites;


I am really impressed with the manufactured foods database, and need to take a better look at that one!

The joys of allergies, at least Briahna doesn't go into anaphylactic shock!

Trust you're all having a great day!! :)

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