Wednesday, 29 April 2009

love | lisa hannigan...

again, but differently...

I love pop-up books, don't you?!

I'm also thinking Lisa Hannigan just may be my new favourite artist! Her website looks totally crafty and super awesome - I just may need a copy of sea sew now!!


Mr Sew Music Buyer said...

Patience my love, we'll be going back to RG in June sometime...

handmade romance said...

hello sewfunky! my, what good taste you have ; ) hehe and what a crazy coincidence how you found my blog and we are both posting about the adorable lisa hannigan and I am posting about you!! Oh its too funny!
Thanks for the heads up about her website, Im off to check it out now.
have a great day xx

Elizabeth said...

oh! this is so cool! and her music is so calm and nice.

my husband liked it too. :)

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