Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Decluttering can be fun! 

I was a little inspired this morning and came up with a way that my thoroughly cluttered mind could cope with a little physical decluttering...  I've always been of the opinion that, a cluttered house generally equals a cluttered mind and vice versa, so I'm thinking that that must mean my mind is almost beyond help ;).

I've only just begun the road to decluttering and simplifying, but today was thoroughly satisfying as I motored through my bedroom with three boxes in tow!! 
The BIFF box is now empty, and the rubbish is on the side of the road ready for collection.  I love Wednesday's as that is rubbish day! :)

The BAM box is still waiting for me to put it's contents away.  It is surprisingly emptier than I thought it'd be.

And the BOOM box is ready for me to take on down to my local oppy, probably most of the stuff was purchased there at some point or another.  Scary really as there was a huge rubbish sack of clothes and a box of books to go.  So that makes 3 boxes of junk decluttered away, only 96 more to go Mr Sew Funky! ;)

I think this easter weekend I might even get the kid's in on the declutter bug and get them to go through their bedrooms.  I'm loving how simple the three box method is!!


CurlyPops said...

Yippee! I wish you lived around the corner so you could Biff, Bam and Boom my place.

Mr Sew Funky said...

Well done hunny, I'm proud of you, though my inner Mr Film Guide is concerned that you may have forgotten about writing a review for Young @ Heart...

CurlyPops: I'm sure Mrs Sew Funky would love to come and help you if you sent some plane tickets!!!

Mr Film Guide said...

Nice review babe - will endeavor to post it tonight!

Love ya!

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