Sunday, 7 September 2008

Did I ever tell you I was an addict?

Maybe I did, maybe I didn't... The truth is I am a craft addict and when I discover something I like doing, I do it until I get totally sick of the sight of it, that I stop. And stop means I don't pick it up for a few years. Anyway, that's a bit of a side issue...

I've discovered another new addiction, one not as big as the dishcloth one, but nearing it... ;)

I've discovered how neat it is to make pincushions... yes, I know that makes me weird and slightly unusual (I didn't use the word crazy, but you could... LOL).

Yesterday I went to the local op shop and discovered 3 little ramekins that were perfect for making pincushions and at 50c a piece I could hardly leave them there, could I?! :)

So I spent the afternoon making pincushions, while my 3 girls made coupons and cards for father's day.

number 1 pincushion
(with added blood when I pricked my finger)

Number 2 Pincushion (the cupcake!)
Number 3 Pincushion
(I used some quilting scraps that my friend Cathy gave me - so easy!)
Number 4 Pincushion
(using an old candle holder - I love this one the best!)
I don't know what I'll do with so many pincushions... I now have too many to count. LOL!

Speaking of addictions, I have another confession. I LOVE teacup's and so you'll understand why my heart did a flip when I saw this little set at the same op shop I got the little ramekins from.

Isn't it gorgeous! I just love the delicate little pastel flowers. I couldn't leave it there and so I brought it home to join my little collection. :)

And look at this gorgeous bullion embroidery book I won on trademe! Take special care to look at the second picture. My heart about flipped out of my chest when I saw this pattern - it's a must make!!!

I trust everyone else is having a fantastic weekend and that the dad's out there (probably none read this blog) are having a great father's day! :)

1 comment: said...

Ok at the risk I have missed your location before, Where are you again? Funny thing is I have an aussie calendar a wonderful friend sent me and it says tommarrow is Fathers day. Here in the states its in June or something im not sure but not in Sept! I just adore your pincushions, Im selling mine in my esty store, have sold 2 so far. Can relate to your once you make one why not a dozen or more. Love your seconed time around store finds too. Wish I was with you to go too!!! Huggs Marion

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