Sunday, 28 September 2008

something I can do with a broken wrist....

sort buttons... :D

It's like a little bit of heaven and therapy wrapped into one!

If you saw what Mr Sew-Funky posted up for me yesterday, you'll know I've done more than just sort buttons. After making the little buttonlets I realised I had kinda overdone it, and had to let him post for me. I am so over having a broken wrist, let me tell you!!!

This morning I let the chickens have a little time out of the enclosure, what fun they had...

all under the watchful gaze of Clementine, the kitten, who after sniffing one of the chickens just a little too closely, got the fright of her life when it pecked her on the nose!


Lisa said...

Love your chickens. They look like some of my "girls". I've got about 1400 of them though...they do love their time outside in the grass and they've got the barn cats completely trained.

PaisleyJade said...

Hey - love your blog... and your chickens! We've got chickens too.

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