Saturday, 23 August 2008

I love spotlight and other stories...

Spotlight would have to be my all time favourite store ever.

My last few visits have been absolutely fantastic. I am a bargain hunter extraordinaire and unfortunately my craft room reflects that (think cluttered, full). Still, I really can't pass up a bargain and look what I got today!

I got all these books and magazines for $1 each! Some of the magazines are recent issues, boy was I excited to see some Handmade mag's in there! Doing the happy dance here!

This is what I got:
Celebration Days Volume 2 knitting and crochet book
Not Your Mama's knitting book ( I got two of these, because at $1 I'm sure to be able to find someone else who wants it!)
Soft Dolls & Animals July 2007
Soft Dolls & Animals November 2007
Papercrafts June/July 2008
Handmade Vol 25 No 3
Handmade Vol 25 No 7
Handmade Vol 25 No 9 Christmas in July
Handmade Vol 25 No 10

Amazing, huh! Mr Sew Funky came with me to Spotlight too, which hardly ever happens because it's probably his least favourite store!

On another note, I got Mr Sew Funky to take a photo of what my new t-shirt looks like. I love, love, love it! In case you're wondering where I got the image from, maybe you've been inspired to make your own. I got the silhouette picture from the Karen's Whimsy website. Honestly, if you want a resource for public domain images you need look no further than her website. It's fabulous. Silhouette images make freezer paper stencils so easy to make, and she has quite a few on offer there. I've used the quail, horse and woman so far and hope to use the elephant too!

And look what I did today... I organised all my cards. I have a few hundred cards that I was lucky enough to get for free a year or so ago. They've been sitting all in a jumble since then. It was bugging me everytime I went to look for one, because it was a mission to find the 'right' one. Now there is order, and it should be an easy task to grab a card as I am running out the door! YAY me!

I have already cut the flaps off the box (after I took this photo - lol) and I'm thinking it would be nice to make the box more attractive. Maybe I'll cover the box with fabric? I don't know.
All in all, a pretty awesome day!


CurlyPops said...

Wowee, what a bargain!
Love the t-shirts stencils...such a great idea to funk up a plain tee. said...

I have to tell you, you make me want to run right out and join you for your shopping. You make it so fun and exciting. (hubbys dont count) you find such wonderful deals. I cant resist a deal. Love the idea of covering the box with fabric. Ive done that in my youngest childs room to make it pretty. I want some of them cards lol. Huggs marion

Vania said...

hey Mrs Sew Funky - just wanted to say I LOVE your sew funky banner - did mr sew funky design it?

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