Monday, 11 August 2008

bags from rags...

well, not really rags, but from old singlet t-shirts. I had an epiphany this afternoon whilst looking at some old tops that Jodz gave to me a month or more ago. Yes, I finally got round to looking in that bag you dropped off Jodz! I didn't really need any more tops, plus it's too cold around here to think about summer yet...

I think the only downside to these bags is that you wouldn't want to overfill them. I don't think your family's weeks worth of canned food is gonna do any good, because the straps are just too skinny.

Anyway, they are so super easy and I took a few photos to do a tute. Here goes...

the singlet bag

1. Choose a singlet, I liked this one with beading on the front.

2. Turn inside out, and then sew up the bottom seam. I used zigzag because the material is knit.

3. Fold up the bottom seam to meet the side seam in a triangle. Then sew across the triangle about 2 inches in. This gives your bag a boxed bottom. On my singlet it was easy to figure out where to sew, because the bottom had a cuff - you can see it in the above picture.

4. I then sewed the "triangle" down to the bottom of the bag. You could just skip this step, especially if you wanted a smaller bottom to your bag.

the inside

what it looks like on the outside...

5. Snip the threads and you're done... A very quick project that's quite satisfying!

I've made 2 already!!!

great for storing all that cupcake material you bought at Spotlight - hehehe!


CurlyPops said...

That looks great and what a simple afternoon project...thanks! said...

Wow this is wonderful!! Now that would be a great knitting bag! Thanks for the idea. Your so good!!! Huggs Marion

Jodz said...

I am so glad these tops got a second life. You clever thing, you!

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