Saturday, 30 August 2008

I'm back!

Hooray, we finally have internet and phone back!!! It took a bit, but it's finally sorted. 

I have a number of things craftwise that I've done over the time I was internetless.  But I need a moment to catch my breath, read my emails and bloglines and settle back into online life...  It was strange being unable to write posts, but I got a lot done in my absence. 

My eldest daughter turned 12 on Tuesday, which had me feeling exceptionally old.  We had a really awesome cupcakes and tea party at Lianne's place.  Thanks so much for that Lianne.  You are the most amazing cook, and it all turned out way better than if I'd done it myself!  Hope tried her first ever cup of tea.  She says she probably won't be drinking it again because it was too tasteless - lol, tell that to all those tea addicts in Britain Hope!!! :)

I made Hope a little cosmetic purse and in the process did my first ever "proper" applique.  That was hugely fun, so I'm bound to do more of that in the future.  The possibilities for applique seem endless and I'm looking forward to making some more cupcake appliqued goodness over the coming week.  I also made two very neat needle books (one for Hope, one for me).  And boy did I knit.  I've begun knitting some baby items for my sister's new business.  Of course, there's been time to knit some washcloths and I designed a new one for Aimee, whose birthday is on the 10th of September.  I just have to put my thinking cap on to think of a brilliant name for it now.

I'll post photo's of the tea party and birthday craft goodness later on, when I can catch my breath.  I sure missed you all!

Love D.


CurlyPops said...

My goodness, you have been a busy bee.
How could anyone not like a lovely cup of tea? said...

We always had honey in our tea, so maybe that way she would like it and maybe a bit stronger! As for your absense I have truly missed you and your posting!!! Glad your back!!! Huggs Marion

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