Monday, 11 August 2008

Some recent wee home made love...

Last week I posted about the retreat Jodz and I went on - if you head on over to her blog you can read her impressions of retreat. You can also see a photo of me there too - eeeeek!

We had a whole heap of fun and this is a photo of what I made for my sweet friend...

some yarn, a knitting needle roll, a starfish cloth and a cool teapot napkin ring

With my sister in the country, I couldn't resist giving my niece a little something...

some little shoes made by Lianne, a little baby star cloth and some neat soap
I picked up when I was on retreat last weekend.
I just love the way the baby star cloth can be folded into a heart shape - so cool...

And my sister had her birthday at the end of last month, and I made her some shoe bags for traveling and a little cloth. Happy Birthday Erica...

the dishcloth being blocked (is that the word?)
This cloth's edges love to curl up, so you won't be finding the pattern on the sew-funky blog and I won't be knitting it again. I am thinking of re-doing the pattern though.

the neat little shoe bags - I hope you liked them Erica! :)


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